Requirements & Policy

Membership Requirements

1. Must attend 75% of monthly meetings (or an alternate from your company).

2. All fees are due at the Business Meeting (Vt Wednesday of every month). Monthly dues are $45.00 payable to the Original Lethbridge Breakfast Club.

3. New members must attend three meetings and then are voted in by all members. Majority rules.

Guest Policy

1. Gaining new members is always encouraged. The first breakfast to guests is FREE. All subsequent breakfasts attended before the potential new member is voted in will be charged to each guest at $12.50 per breakfast.

2. Each potential new member will now receive a GUEST FORM to be filled out. This is to ensure that the Original Lethbridge Breakfast Club can bill accordingly and enhance the tracking of its members.

Constitution of The Original Lethbridge Breakfast Club, Est.1995

1. Membership in the Club is limited to individuals, firms, associations, and corporations each representing a different trade, business, occupation, or profession.

2. Admission to membership must be approved by the Executive and Membership, in accordance with the by-laws.

3. Main activity of member determines classification of business.

4. Each member designates one representative and one alternate.

5. Executive elected from members annually.

6. To maintain membership in OLBC, member/alternate must attend % meetings per month, unless otherwise approved by Executive.

7. Change in business classification or ownership results in termination of Membership — eligible for readmission if new classification is vacant. Re-application required in case of change in ownership.

8. Monthly membership fees and dues determined by the Executive.

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